Inspired by global street food, prepared fresh daily, streamlined to be delivered quickly.

The stories of street food around the world are some of the most beautiful expressions of the human spirit.  They stem from poverty and show the value of creativity and determination.  Although the ingredients are humble, the techniques and flavors are bold, rich, and comforting.

Our food is an expression of our culinary style but also our philosophy that fresh can be fast, delicious should be affordable, and with a little creativity and determination, we can find a better way of doing things.


Choose from our selection of board games or bring your own.

It's about time the Twin Cities has a legitimate, committed, geek bar.  We ourselves are huge geeks and gamers and can't imagine anything more enjoyable than running a restaurant where we can cater to people who shares our love of games and geek fandom.  We're so excited over the idea of creating that fun, welcoming space where people can be themselves, socialize, and build a community.  We'll have our own stash of board games that are fast, casual and easy to learn or you're welcome to bring your own and camp out for the night.