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The idea for Byte stemmed from our frustration with the problems plaguing the restaurant industry.  In the Twin Cities, it's growing increasingly difficult to find workers who will put up with the long hours, hard labor, and traditionally low wages.

We drew inspiration from successful restaurant models ranging from fast food to ethnic takeout joints.  Byte is built around the idea of using labor efficiently, adding value to product through craftsmanship, and minimizing overhead.  In this way we can provide our workers with a livable wage and benefits while keeping our prices reasonable.

Geek Bar

Although the desire to create a socially responsible and sustainable restaurant was the foundation for Byte, opening a geek bar has always been a dream of ours.

Geek pubs have been popping up across the country and we feel it's time for someone to step up and open one here in Minneapolis.  We want to be that space where people can hang out with friends over a board game and a round of drinks.  We want to be a destination for geek events and parties, but most of all, we want to be that space where geeks can come and just be themselves.